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Up, Up & Away!

August 24, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I was so excited when Phoebe's mummy showed me a picture on pinterest of an idea she had for Phoebe's first birthday shoot - she is also an (old) school friend. We decided on Newport wetlands with the backdrop being the Usk lighthouse though we had not quite anticipated the breeze that occurred! So much so, that Phoebe's daddy had to hold down the hot air balloon, lovingly created by her mum and dad, not that it was going to take her away more like it would push her over! Mum painstakingly made the hot air balloon with a friend (dad helped!) using lots of material covering a beach ball and canes for the uprights and a wicker basket with comfy cushions for Phoebe to sit in.  Daddy did a fine job on the day of holding down the balloon in the wind  so she didn't take off and mummy managed to capture these hilarious pics 'how we photographed it' at the end, my kids helped too!! See daddy holding Phoebe at the end of the blog!  Well done to Cath and Ashley and of course the star of the show Phoebe. Enjoy! x x 

And the crazy images capturing how we did it!!!



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