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A friend passed her personal Fitness training exams to fulfil her dreams as a personal trainer and I was invited along for the ride and to take some photos of course. Her gym is currently in a fitness studio in Bristol close to Cabot Circus. From there she takes Boxercise classes and has just joined Move GB as fitness provider. To help promote the new business and fitness classes I came along in my gym gear to take photos before joining in! The brief was urban edgey. See what you think! Have to say, I much preferred taking the photos but boy did I workout afterwards. Definitely worth a trip to keep fit and try out a new kind of fitness class that I had never tried before but thoroughly enjoyed. 

Find out all about Kayleigh's fitness classes on facebook: BS3BOXFIT or on Instagram @kjfitnessbristol 

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Crazy Dinosaurs! This month has been one rip roaring amazing dinosaur experience! Denzel and his friends came to Bristol and I got to photograph these amazing animatronic dinosaurs partly for work and also for pleasure when I took the kids to see them at Bristol Zoo. 

It all started back in April when Bristol Zoo promoted their big summer event Dinomania and as my other workplace, Gardiner Haskins were sponsoring one of these awesome dinosaurs I had the chance to photograph at the press event. Bristol is famous for a few landmarks but hey, Denzel was let loose on the most iconic Bristol landmark of them all, the Clifton Suspension Bridge! Here comes Denzel!

After an absolute amazing morning photographing Denzel, we waited patiently for Denzel to visit Gardiner Haskins in July. He did not disappoint, interacting with my kids,  footballs and getting up to all sorts of mischief! Most of the kids loved him though a few were a little scared! He will back on 5th August if you missed him!

Our next encounter with these awesome dinosaurs was at Bristol Zoo where I took my own kids to see more! I think I was more excited than they were as I hadn't told them they were going till the day before!!!

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Yellow Daffodils We were lucky as the daffodils were just on the turn at Caldicot Country Park a few weeks ago but you wouldn't know it from the blooming yellow bouncing out from these images. Love yellow anyway and it really stands out on these with a few added effects to make the images pizazz! Two family photo shoots on the same day here and the best bit was the kids loved playing peekaboo behind the daffodils! Great fun. Enjoy! x

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Wedding Highlights 2016

2016 Wedding Highlights! What a whirlwind it was in the summer of 2016! As a photographer who loves all different photo shoots whether it be weddings, lifestyle and family shoots, this year all of my weddings fell across the summer months. Coming back to Three Salmons Hotel for two of them it was great to see the massive changes that took place there in the gorgeous patio area and photograph next to the picturesque Usk river. Crazy times working out who was the groom for one of the weddings as he had been away for the meetings before and trying to keep a straight face (steadying camera as well!) during the speeches. Nearly falling down a rabbit hole during an intimate photo session before going to the wedding breakfast and on another joining in with the champagne session on location just made great memories. Such fun times. 

  See you in 2017!


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Goodbye 2016 | Hello 2017! Wow what a year! It has been full on with lots of family shoots this year and weddings in the summer too being juggled with a full time job and kids. I realised this year that a full time job does not work (I did 5 months) and I refused to give up my beloved photography business that I had set up 5 years ago. This year I have had the privilege to capture some awesome weddings in the summer with no rain (next blog post), kids jumping off benches (see Lewis and Aiden's amazing jumps on my home page and above, they look like they are flying), tiny newborns including 6 day old twins born early only 5 days after I captured their beautiful mummy, lots of family shoots and capturing my own family in-between. One of the weirdest shoots I experienced was my own back in April when I was in front of the camera for some shots to add to the website. All I wanted to do was jump behind the camera!

Kate's fashion shoot for her last University project was a highlight for me too and we had great fun changing her younger sister into clothing she had designed as an Autumn collection for kids. It did prove a little challenging shooting in the woods during bluebell season though but the woods were brilliant for the fairy background feel and there were still lots of leaves on the floor!

Phoebe's first birthday just made my head spin as her mummy's imagination and dedication to making the hot balloon with daddy's help too was just out of this world!

Best thing has been able to catch up with friends and families I haven't seen for ages and seeing families grow where clients have returned and the kids are so different. 

See if you can see yourself in my 2016 collection. Have a Wonderful 2017 and a Happy New Year. Photo shoots first up then weddings as I could not fit them all in to one blog post! Can't wait to meet some new clients, new families, new little ones to capture and treasure. 

What will YOU DO on your 2017 photo shoot????

Enjoy and see you soon x 

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Wedding | Catrin & Daniel

Well, I have to say Catrin was the most chilled and relaxed bride I have ever seen before her wedding! She was soooo laid back which in turn made the rest of us feel quite chilled ready for the day ahead too! Great day, lots of laughs and a wonderful couple, Catrin and Daniel celebrated their wedding day at Coldra Court in Newport beginning of August. I even got to catch up with the Just Gorgeous twosome who did a splendid job with hair and make up too. 

You can see just how chilled it all was below. Enjoy!! x

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Wedding | Emma & Merv

I was so excited when Emma asked me to capture this special wedding celebration as both are friends and neighbours of mine! Emma and Merv married in the gorgeous St Mary's Parish Church in Chepstow and celebrated afterwards at the Huntsman Hotel in Shirenewton. I also got to let my hair down as a guest in the evening without the camera! We did get some awesome shots though on the way to the hotel via a little special place with a 'trip trap troll' bridge. It's amazing how romantic a little stream, bridge and car park can be!! 

Enjoy! x

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Newborn | Baby Dominic Baby Dom came in to the big wide world back in June on the same day as my son's birthday! I was chuffed when I asked to capture his early days as I had captured mum and dad getting married in 2014 and also captured mummy's bump whilst carrying little Dominic in June (both blogs posts are on here). We did have to dodge some showers for this shoot though weaving in and out of the house determined by the fickle behaviour of the British weather! Someone up there was laughing at us that day!

Enjoy x

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Wedding | Caroline & Paul Caroline & Paul married at Three Salmons Hotel in Usk on a gorgeous sunny afternoon just a week after I was there capturing another wedding celebration. A lovely couple whom I felt privileged to have met and capture their amazing day. The only little thing that was missing was little Willow, who was a star in their pre-wedding shoot back in May.  

Enjoy x

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Wedding | Kate & Tony Kate & Tony married at one of my favourite venues Three Salmons Hotel, Usk back in July this year on a gorgeous sunny day where they managed to sneak off for some quick photos away from the guests for a few moments together down at the River Usk. The cake was absolutely amazing created out of white chocolate and it never moved an inch in the sweltering heat either! Crazy day filled with wonderful memories. Enjoy x

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Up, Up & Away! I was so excited when Phoebe's mummy showed me a picture on pinterest of an idea she had for Phoebe's first birthday shoot - she is also an (old) school friend. We decided on Newport wetlands with the backdrop being the Usk lighthouse though we had not quite anticipated the breeze that occurred! So much so, that Phoebe's daddy had to hold down the hot air balloon, lovingly created by her mum and dad, not that it was going to take her away more like it would push her over! Mum painstakingly made the hot air balloon with a friend (dad helped!) using lots of material covering a beach ball and canes for the uprights and a wicker basket with comfy cushions for Phoebe to sit in.  Daddy did a fine job on the day of holding down the balloon in the wind  so she didn't take off and mummy managed to capture these hilarious pics 'how we photographed it' at the end, my kids helped too!! See daddy holding Phoebe at the end of the blog!  Well done to Cath and Ashley and of course the star of the show Phoebe. Enjoy! x x 

And the crazy images capturing how we did it!!!


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Blooming lovely! Lucy and Miles celebrated their wedding day a couple of years ago and then asked me to capture Lucy's blooming bump ready for the little arrival! This place is very special as it is the field right next door to Mounton Church just outside Chepstow where they got married. We also recreated some of the original images on the little bridge too! Great memories and can't wait to meet the rest of the family. It's an honour to capture images of so many special moments in people's life changing events. Enjoy x

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Fashion Shoot in the Bluebells! Kate designed a children's fashion clothing range as part of her university studies and I was the lucky person to capture them in all their glory modelled by little sis. We had a fantastic time and although they are autumn clothing we made the most of the bluebells too! Little sis was also fantastic and I had such a blast photographing. I loved every minute of it and it made me feel like I was photographing in a bit of a fairy tale land and not reality at all! That didn't hit me till I got back in my car!

*All designs are copyright of Kate Jones/ Stone.

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Caroline & Paul's Pre-wedding | Llancayo Windmill & Usk Caroline & Paul are getting married next month! We popped up to Llancayo windmill to capture some pics next to this gorgeous, scenic windmill just outside Usk. You wouldn't think it from the pics but it looked like it was just about to tank to down with rain too! Willow was not going to miss out on the action either and made sure she took centre stage!!! Can't wait to join the celebrations next month!

Enjoy x

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hello little one! hello little one!

This is gorgeous and sleepy Isabella at just 2 weeks old. She did wake up, peeping at first, and got a bit fed of the attention too but oh it was so worth it! She was a little darling. 


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2015 Highlights It's the end of 2015 and so I wanted to share just some of the moments captured in 2015.  From wonderful fun-loving families (with parents trying their best to get kids to look at the camera - some of the best are not looking at the camera!), kids doing those little quirky things they do, more commercial activity for websites, mountains of cakes this year than I have ever photographed before (must remember to eat in future before photographing cakes!), romantic engagements leading to weddings that just make your heart melt every time. Being invited, and then meeting the wonderful horses, volunteers and the riders themselves enjoying their time at the Forest of Dean Riding Disabled Association was also wonderful and I will be back there again in 2016. Proud to also get some of my work published in the July issue of Vintage Life this year. My friend's house is full of fab vintage collectables which were shown off in the magazine, for more on this! But the best memory of the year has to be watching the queues of guests waiting to dress up at the Photo Booth and trying to concentrate on taking the photos whilst not laughing too much at the silly props worn at Fiona & Adam's wedding party.  They even roped me into one of the photos too - see if you can spot it! Hope we can make some more lifetime moments together in 2016. May all your hopes and dreams come true and I may see some of you next year. Enjoy! 


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Horsing Around Back in the summer at a local fayre I met Dorothy, by chance, from the Forest Riding Disabled Association. After that initial first chance meeting and an invite to come along and take some photos I jumped at the chance. So last month, (without wellies - next time!) I scooted off down the road to the Severnvale Equestrian Centre to meet some beloved horses and ponies, the fantastic volunteers and the riders themselves who love coming down to the centre every week to ride these beautiful animals. As someone am not used to being around horses or animals at all, I loved being there and wished I could have stayed longer but I am looking forward to going again in the springtime and spending more time up there. Wellies will definitely come with the camera next time too! For the wonderful work they do and more information go to (The riders themselves are not shown here).

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Autumn Leaves Are Falling! Orange, red, yellow and brown crispy, crunchy leaves, thrown up in the air, falling, twirling and spinning colours all around. I love, love, love this time of year! The colours of autumn are amazing. Come see for yourself and join me for a fun exciting autumn photo shoot where you won't keep still for a minute!

Shoots last for about an hour with typically approx 100 images on a disc all for £65. USB sticks available too for £85 in a beautiful personalised wooden box.

Email Carine at  before all the leaves are blown away!

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Cerri | Jai at Wyndcliffe Gardens When Cerri asked me to photograph Jai and herself at Wyndcliffe Gardens near St. Arvans with some of the family too I couldn't wait! I love photographing flowers anyway so it was a fantastic opportunity to photograph some engagement photos amongst the flowers. Enjoy!

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Super…smashing…cake smash! 2 cake smashes for 2 little one year olds celebrating their first birthdays in August!

Abbie celebrated her birthday with a gooey chocolate cake down by the riverside in Chepstow. She really did not know what to do with herself and then when her big sister Rosie joined in she was not a happy bunny! We are taught as kids not pick up big handfuls of cake with our hands so now wonder these little ones were confused! It is sooo funny watching their reactions to seeing the cake, looking over at their parents for encouragement (or the nod to say yes you can eat the cake), tasting the cake and then working out whether they love getting stuck in (or not)! Keelan celebrated his big day with the best starriest cake I have ever seen - see further down the post straight after Abbie. Look at the size of that cake!!! Fab! This was Keelan's mega cake for his cake smash which was rainbow coloured inside too. My mouth was watering at both these cake smashes but this one is still making me water even as I write this (and after lunch too!). We did a mini shoot first with bubbles and then it was time to smash the cake but not before a huge slice was taken away. Firstly, this showed off the gorgeous rainbow layers inside and secondly, more importantly, the adults got to taste the cake too without the gooey fingers all over it!

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